General Information

The Vocational School of National Palaces and Historical Buildings was founded in 2007 with collaboration of Yıldız Technical University and Chairmanship of Turkish Grand National Assembly. It is located in the garden of Yıldız Chalet Pavilion of National Palaces which is allocated to Yıldız campus of our University.


The Vocational School of National Palaces and Historical Buildings, giving associate degree to its graduates, was established for educating well-qualified technical staff who would work and produce by their hand work on architectural conservation and renovation fields, particularly at palaces, mansions and pavilions of National Palaces of Turkish Republic. With 4 terms of studies, it is aimed both to teach an enthusing occupation to the candidates of restoration technicians, and to give consciousness of responsibility and care while realizing their occupations.


Department of Technical Programs - the only program of our vocational school- started in 2007-2008 academic year with two programs called “Program of Building Conservation and Renovation” and “Program of Interior Conservation and Renovation”. The names of the departments and programs of Vocational Schools of Turkish Republic were revised by Higher Education Institution in 2009-2010 academic year and these two programs of our school were unified in a program under the name of “Architectural Restoration” by aforementioned institution.