General Information

The Architectural Restoration Program was established with the aim of meeting the country-wide need for technical staff in the field of preservation and restoration, starting with the Turkish Grand National Assembly’s (Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi-TBMM) National Palaces, and to train qualified intermediate staff with expertise in architectural restoration. This two-year long training program aims to provide students with technical knowledge that will form a basis for preservation and restoration work as well as application skills and to therefore train qualified intermediate staff/restorers who are knowledgeable in traditional methods and techniques, who are competent in the implementations, who possess preservation-consciousness and professional ethics, who are able to work both in bureaus and if necessary in field work, laboratories and restoration ateliers and carry out preservation and restoration work, who present global views without ignoring local values. The program includes both theoretical training and project work, as well as research, implementations, fieldwork, workshops and laboratory work. In the second semester students choose one out of three major fields – “Masonry,” “Wood,” and “Interior” and gain expertise in this field by receiving theoretical and applied training. Following the first year, when students receive intensive theoretical training on restoration and culture, in the second year students gain experience by receiving applied training in the restoration workshops of Dolmabahçe and Yıldız, under the supervision of experienced restorers, experts and master craftsmen of the National Palaces Department.


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